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Barry Davis Racing

Updated 12-29-97

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Thanks for stopping to the Barry Davis Homepage, we would like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas! At this page you can get Racing Results, stats, view photo's, link to other great sites, talk in our chat  room and most of all have a great time! Be sure to check our Racing Ring page! We have created a webring aswell, check it out!




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Barry is from Accord, NY. The Team Davis Racing shop is located in Accord  NY about 2 Miles from the Accord Speedway. Barry competes in the 358 Modified division, his car is a 1995 Olsen powered by a powerful Turco's Machine Shop Engine. Barry has competed at the Accord Speedway for years and will be back in action in his 9D, when the season opens in May! The 98 Racing Schedule should be printed soon, we will post the schedule as soon as we can. I have just created The Barry Davis Racing Ring! All Webmasters looking for more hits should submit their sites. For the people who like surfing the net, you can click on random and the ring will pick a member site at random. You can also click on list and it will bring up all the sites in our webring. I think you will enjoy it! CLICK HERE to submit your site

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This Racing Ring site owned by Mike Senecal
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