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WARNING This page may be about nothing at all


Hello and welcome, My name is Mike and this is my personall page Im currently a Junior at Rondout Valley High School. I live in Accord, Dont be suprised if you have never heard of it(Not many Have!) Im not sure what you will find at this page. Sometimes it may be a suprise! As of now it is still in the works,If you have any ideas feel free to E-MAIL me anytime! Next to all this writing is my school picture, I know its blury but oh well. I have my own buisness called JDMS Web Creations(Check out the globe above my picture, cool right?) For those that cant figure out what my buisness is, I make Websites. I know that sounds boring but it is actually alot of fun, you would be suprised how much money I can make :)  I will provide links to some of my sites below........

This is me!

                     HERE ARE SOME OF MY INTEREST!!!                                                                                                                

I like to do all kinds of things! Have you ever been asked your interest and couldnt think of anything to say?? Ok then bare with me cuz that's whats happening right now!! I will think of them though, Dont worry! A couple of things I can say I enjoy are DIRT Racing and Sports. Some of you are probably saying "What the hell is DIRT racing?" If you are CLICK HERE!<-------That will bring you to the DIRT Motorsports Homepage and give you an understanding of  DIRT Racing. I also like Basketball, My favorite team is the New York Knicks. I know they suck this year  but who cares?  You can take a look at their website by clicking HERE

I guess thats it for my interest part.......Maybe I will work on perfecting it!



Click on this image, I dare ya!

                                           HERE ARE SOME OF THE WEBSITES I HAVE MADE!!                                                                          

Barry Davis Racing

Jerry Higbie Online

The Bill Wilson Headquarters

Steve Paine Website

MG Swimsuits

Take a minute to check out these sites, All of them are Racing related websites but I think you will enjoy them! Hey Guys, do you like swimsuits and swimsuit models!?! If so the  MG SWIMSUITS Website is just for you! Girlz if you need a new swimsuit be sure to take a look! That site is still currently under construction but stop by anyway! If anyone ever needs a website please contact me, My E-Mail adress is, My AOL Instant Messanger name is TEO87 and my ICQ Chat ID# is 7888752

Ok I know you are ready to leave now, I have to tell you a few things first though! 1st of all make sure you sign my guestbook, 2. Come back whenever you can, 3. If you see any spelling mistakes on this page, DONT tell me because I dont really care! :)~ Look for new and interesting things coming soon, I dont know what they will be yet but Im sure I can find something to keep you entertained!

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